As we have already informed, next February 19 we will launch the version 2.0 of CREA and the network of CREA 1.0 will be obsolete. This means that a blockchain change will occur and users will have to migrate the coins to the main CREA 2.0 network.

We have informed this to all the exchanges where CREA is listed so they communicate to their users that they must withdraw their currencies before the swap date. Users must have their CREA during the snapshop in a personal wallet where they control the private keys. These instructions are indicated on our website .

The CREA Network team have tried to contact Cryptopia on several occasions, by various means, with the aim of informing of this change so that they support the integration of the new blockchain or inform all their users to withdraw their funds or even agree another date to make this change. Unfortunately, given the fact of temporarily closed services of Cryptopia exchange, we have not received any response from them.

Towards this situation, we can not be responsible for the acts of a third party service that are not under our control. Cryptopia (Unless they don’t reopen their operations before the snapshot date) will be responsible for doing the swap from their CREA wallet and distributing the new CREA 2.0 to the holders of CREA 1.0 on their exchange or providing an alternative and fair solution to favor their users once they reopen their exchange.

As an extraordinary measure and in order to support users with CREA on the Cryptopia exchange, we will consider the possibility of extending the 6-month limit period in the event that we reach that deadline and Cryptopia has not yet opened the exchange and accepted the swap to return the CREA 2.0 to their users.