Creary is a blockchain-based social network of multimedia portfolios that rewards creatives and curators for sharing their digital creations with the community.

Any user can publish content and be rewarded for their creative work according to the votes received by the community.

However, the Creary ecosystem is designed so that, in addition to acting as a social network that rewards its users, it is also a decentralized market for digital goods.

In Creary we understand that for many artists, the capitalization model of their creations is not only to receive rewards from the likes. For this reason, the network offers the possibility of creating your own marketplace to sell your work (stock photos or videos, logos, templates, typographies, mockups etc). You simply upload an attached file and add a price for the download.

This makes each user profile, not only act as a portfolio or creative diary but also have the utility of being a marketplace or virtual store where you can sell your creations.

This way, and thanks to the distributed technology of CREA Network, Creary offers the ideal scenario for those consumers of digital content who want to acquire works in a p2p way benefiting authors and avoiding intermediaries.


How to add a price per download to your projects

During the simple process of publishing a project, users will reach a section called “Download”.

In this section, you simply have to add a download file and the download price (See image)

This price can be included in two of the platform’s tokens: CREA and CBD.

Thus, every time a publication receives a download, its full amount will be added to its creator’s wallet, without fees or intermediaries.

In the event that a creator wishes to share their works for free, it will be enough not to add any price and this will automatically be shown as “free download”.

Remember that the download files must correspond to the description of the “product” in the publication. For example, in the case of a stock image, it must have a higher quality resolution and of course without watermarks that prevent its use.

Otherwise, the activity of the creator of the project could be considered fraudulent and this could be reported by multiple users of the community negatively affecting their reputation inside and outside the network.


How to download projects from other users

If a user wants to acquire a content, he must enter the project and verify that he has enabled the download option located at the bottom of the right section. (See image)


This download box includes information about the file format, its size and the price.

If it is a free file, it will also be indicated.

Before downloading a file, it is important to pay attention to its license, as it could have restrictions that don’t allow the buyer to use that content.

Once the file is downloaded, it will be stored in your system and the amount that has been paid (in CREA or CBD) will be automatically deducted in the wallet section of the user who made the download. This payment is without commissions or intermediaries.

The buyer can access the publication whenever he wants to download this file.

If a user don’t have enough funds to buy digital goods in Creary, here there’s a link about where to get CREA or CBD: