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CREA Network 2.0 swap announcement

After several months of work, the CREA Network 2.0 update is ready to be launched on February 19. In order to advance in the development of a faster, more efficient, scalable and optimized network, many implementations have been made with a total change of the structure of the blockchain as a result.

As a consequence of this structural change, users will have to migrate their CREA to the new blockchain by making a SWAP. This means in practice changing coins from version 1.0 to coins 2.0. This change will be 1:1, so you will get the same amount of coins you had in your wallet of the first version.

In this document we will focus on showing the key dates of the SWAP and the steps to follow to convert the CREA.

Keep calm, the process will be very simple and fast. Following three simple steps you can start enjoying all the advantages offered by the new CREA Network version and you can start publishing content and earn tokens in the new platform that will be launched together with the new blockchain.

Chronology Step by Step

1- Store all your CREA in a personal Wallet. 

If you have CREA in an exchange or a third party website, we recommend moving it off there before the official date of the Swap (Feb 19 2019 – 12:00pm CET) so that you have full control during the migration process.

We recommend using the Wallet QT to store your CREA on your computer. If you don’t have a wallet installed yet, we recommend downloading and installing this Wallet Qt.

Download wallet Qt

* Please don’t use the Android app wallet to perform the swap. If you have your funds stored in the Android app, send them to the qt wallet.
* The 1.0.9 version of the Creativechain platform also includes a wallet that could be used for the migration process.

2- Snapshot (Feb 19 2019 – 12:00pm CET) 

Snapshot done: Block 320852 

This snapshot collects the information of all the existing CREA addresses and coins at that moment. Any CREA mined after this time will not be accepted in the new version 2.0.

3- CREA Main Net launch Launch
(Feb 19 2019 ) 

3.1 After the 1.0 network Snapshot, the new version of the CREA 2.0 network will be launched, giving way to the first genesis block. The process can last a few hours until the entire network is stabilized.

3.2 This moment will be announced publicly on this website and on the social networks of the CREA Network. A guide will be published so that other users can participate as witnesses of the new consensus protocol (DPOS) of the network.

4- How to migrate your CREA (Feb 20 2019) 

A download button of the CREA SWAP app specially designed for this process will be activated in this section. The steps will be very simple: register in the new network and send CREA 1.0 to your @username new address.

You can create your profile previously on (social network) or directly do it through the CREA SWAP app.


How much time will I have to migrate my CREA?

This process will be open for 6 months. We recommend making the change as soon as possible to start enjoying the benefits of having your coins in the main network of CREA and use them in the DAPP.

The 6 months could be extended in the event that Cryptopia (exchange that keeps CREA funds retained) have not yet opened their website for the owners of CREA to withdraw their coins.

Where can I request help for this process? is the project’s official website. We are not responsible for the information that other users or third party websites can give about this release.
You can get in touch with members of the development team in these groups:

English Telegram group:
Spanish Telegram group:

In what exchanges can CREA (2.0) be found?

New exchanges will be announced as SWAP day approaches. The CREA Network team has already contacted and closed agreements with some exchanges. These exchanges will be announced publicly as they open their markets and when they decide to make it public.