is a new hybrid decentralized cryptocurrency that allow users to trade their favorite cryptocurrencies and tokens in a fast and secure way. They have fully paired Electroneum, Verge, Rupee, Electra and over 100+ ERC20 tokens with other crypto and fiat. … and CREA has been included too! has been lauched recently and, acording to their whitepaper, they want to become the next-generation cryptocurrency exchange, fully utilizing the Blockchain technology, delivering propositions for new users of unparalleled value, and offering strong returns for investors.

Their mission is to foster and enhance the adoption of cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange for global stock trading by increasing awareness and educating the general public on the safety and advantages of utilizing digital currencies and Blockchain technology. presents several innovations such as Pool Trading, that allows to obtain high trading volumes and the generation of substantial profits in today’s stock market due to their integration with other corporate finance houses and major trading forces.

Through its simple and user friendly interface, offers the possibility to easily exchange CREA with BTC and ETH in addition to EURO and USD. This means a new and interesting way of obtaining CREA using other cryptocurrencies or fiat money and thus to make it more accessible for those users who wish to obtain it through this new platform.

To start using, it will be enough to register at with the requested information and choose one of the markets in which you can exchange CREA.