Creary is a 3.0 social media portfolio network based on blockchain technology that rewards creatives and curators by sharing their digital creations with the community.

Creary is a decentralized creative community where anyone can post digital content and be rewarded for their work based on votes received from the community. These rewards are made with the platform’s own token called CREA, which can be easily converted into any other currency (digital and fiat). Users will find in their profiles a wallet from which to manage all their earnings.


The ecosystem of the platform issues various types of tokens with specific characteristics that give certain powers within the social network.

Users can obtain these tokens in various ways:

– Publishing content on the platform

In Creary, users will receive rewards for the interactions their content receives. Likes are no longer just likes, so you must bet on the quality of what is published to create a good community of followers who vote for your content.

– For downloads of your publications

Creary offers its users the possibility to assign a price per download for the content that is published. That is, any user will be able to obtain economic income for each sale or download that their publications or digital goods receive.

– Through content curation

The Creary system rewards those users who help other projects to become visible within the network through their interactions by way of vote or like.

A percentage of the rewards that are issued on a publication when voting on it are distributed to the issuer of the publication (curator).

– Tokens rewards from the distributed network

The witnesses are those users who connect their computers or servers to the network and who support its constant maintenance and development. Anyone can witness the network and ask for the vote of the community to remain among the first 25 nodes in charge of its proper functioning. This activity generates token revenue that helps witnesses develop new implementations for the platform.

Currently the CREA token is listed on the cryptocurrency markets with a value of $ 0.04.

If digital creation is your thing and you feel far from the traditional models of centralized social networks, don’t miss the opportunity to join the community to promote the paradigm shift that allows creating a new economic, creative and fairer and more democratic technology.