Due to the decreasing number of nodes (Delegates) the network is having difficulty confirming transactions.

Currently the CREA Blockchain has lost the minimum number of delegate nodes necessary to maintain the consensus of the DPoS protocol.

Weeks ago, help had been requested from the community to increase the number of active nodes in the network, but there has been no response.

Although some nodes could continue running, the network would not be running with the 25 nodes of the DPoS decentralized consensus protocol.

The consensus has been broken and the blockchain is no longer decentralized and therefore does not offer guarantees of security and immutability.

Due to this problem, some dapps like are showing connection errors and problems confirming transactions.

The CREA blockchain is open source and will always be available in the Github repository creativechain, but you will not be able to interact with the network if there are no nodes connected.

If the user community wants to reactivate the network following the consensus protocol initially set or modify it, they can always do so at any time.

We will continue to inform you of any evolution, possible reactivation or migration that the CREA community is willing to carry out.