We continue to improve the set of technologies that make up the CREA Network Core. In this update some important implementations and improvements in the system will be activated.

Solved the voting power regulation of users with a low amount of CGY
In this update will be solved a calculation delay that affected user accounts that had little CGY. This was causing users with less than 60k of CGY to have no influence with their votes. Now user accounts with a small amount of CGY will have more participation in the network. This improvement will make accounts with for example 50 CGY notice that they add rewards by giving a like to a publication on Creary.net with 100% Energy vote.

An obvious advantage of this update is that the number of users with influence and direct participation in the network will be greatly increased. Users with little CGY can now have decision-making power when voting witnesses in the network consensus protocol or curating content. This will also impact on the distribution of rewards among curators as more users in the network will receive a percentage of this reward.

This feature will be activated automatically on July 7 at 12:00 CET

All Witnesses in the network should update their node before July 7 to accept this update.

update CREA 2.1.0

Become a witness
Follow the indications to become an elected witness of our consensus protocol.