Hello Crearians!

After a few days of internal communication with the Atomars team, offering them the necessary technical support to integrate our coin into their exchange, CREA is now available on Atomars.com!

The first added pair has been CREA / BTC, so you can already buy or sell CREA using Bitcoin.

Soon we will have new pairs available as CREA / USDT.

In order to familiarize our currency with its community of traders and our own holders, the trading operations done in the CREA markets will have 0% fees during the first month.

Atomars is a cryptocurrency exchange platform with a simple, intuitive and efficient interface, which allows users to get their cryptocurrencies quickly and without the need to pass a strict KYC for not too high trading volumes.

As an alternative to common trading tables, which can be somewhat complex for newcomers in the crypto environment, Atomars offers the possibility of using a tool called “Quick Exchange”. This system allows users to obtain their coins instantly with an interface as simple as that of a calculator and in just one single click.

The Atomars team is implementing new functionalities and tools, such as the Staking function, for those users who want to make profitable use of their long-term coins stored in the platform’s internal wallet.

We can also see (in Beta) the Portfolio section, which is an interface that visually shows us all the coins we have stored on Atomars and their individual and total value in USD and BTC.

In the drop-down button located to the left of the main menu of the Atomars site, we will find the section for contacting the Support team. It is a simple form that can be used to make any question or report incidents.

They also offer a general chat to be able to interact with other users inside each market.

We want to thank the Atomars team for all their attention and willingness to collaborate with our project.

Without a doubt, creating synergies through this collaboration will be something that will benefit both projects and our respective communities.