is a social network where thousands of creatives share their projects with the community on a daily basis. As in any social network of creatives, all its participants want to build a good reputation that helps to give visibility to their work. In Creary there are certain parameters of conduct and activity that are important to take into account when trying to improve the reputation in the social network.

Obviously, if users respect some indicators of good practices, it will be positive for their reputation and in general to improve the quality of content and social relations in Creary.

Remember that Creary is a decentralized social network that we must build together. So, it is the responsibility of all its users to make good use of the platform so that it becomes a space of reference, exemplary and prestigious among digital creative communities.

This best practices guide focuses on giving some tips that users should consider before they start to share their work with the community.

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One of the main keys to succeed in Creary is to have a profile as complete as possible.

Having an attractive user profile will help you generate interest among the members of the community and thus gain more reputation within the network. This will also help you get more attention, more followers and more likes. The more attractive your profile is, the more visible your work will be on the social network and you will receive more positive interactions from the community.

Where to start? What if you add information about yourself?

Choose a public username that is attractive and makes you unique at the same time that it defines you positively in the social network.

Add relevant information about your work or your interests and include an external url that can give more information about your work and career. It can be your personal website or any other social network where you usually publish your creations.
If your intention is to find potential clients, we recommend you include contact information.
Finally, add the hashtags that best define your work, style, discipline or interests.


It is important that you be selective and responsible when choosing the content that you will upload to Creary.
Your content will define your style and your personality and will be your main introduction letter within the platform.
Avoid publishing: duplicate content, content that violates copyright, content that may hurt the sensitivity of users or that violate the basic rules of coexistence in the community such as incitement to hatred or violence.

If you are publishing plagiarized or copied content from another author, you may have legal problems for violating copyright laws. Plagiarized publications and spam are considered abuses and members of the community will report them in a negative way.

You can read more about it here:

If you are publishing or using another person’s work, you must first make sure that you have the rights to use the content.
If you use third party creations with free distribution licenses, please remember to mention the author in the project description when required.
The original contents that are published only in Creary will give more value to the network since they will make it more exclusive.
Choose intelligently the contents that you are going to publish and avoid overflowing your followers with too many daily publications.
The publications can be in most of the existing file formats and the publication process basically consists of 4 steps:

1) Content: 

In this first step, you can build the presentation of your project by combining different image, audio and video files with text. You can add the files one by one by clicking on the “+” button. Be creative!

Remember that if you use textual quotes or data extracted from third parties in the text, you must cite the sources.

2) Information: 

In this section, you can add the basic information that will identify your project.

In the featured image it is recommended to show the part of your project that is more attractive, this way you will get more users interested in getting to know the project better. Remember that the publication format for the featured image is square.

Add a title and description to help understand the nature of the project.

Select the tags with which you want your work to be associated (maximum 8). Creary uses tags to categorize user content as keywords. Choose your tags well so that other users can easily find your work.

Remember that the title, description and tags must also comply with the rules of community coexistence and should not hurt the sensitivity of users, or incite hatred or violence.

3) Download:

In Creary you can upload files to download your content and set a price for its download.
You must be honest and add downloadable files that correspond to the works visible in the publication.
The quality of the downloadable file should be optimal or better than the files shown in the project page.

Nor should you include any type of watermark that obscures or obstructs the full visibility of the contents of the downloaded file. This should be taken more into account when the downloadable file has a price for its download. If so, users who pay for the download may feel cheated and may report your content as fraudulent. This would damage your reputation in the community and could make your rewards go down considerably.

4) License

Choose the most appropriate type of license for your publication. You must pay attention to this point, since it will determine the way in which the rest of users will be able to use your content.

Remember that projects, once published, can be edited and modified almost entirely except for the first hashtag (tag to which the post is associated in the URL). The URL of the post can not be modified even if the title of the post is changed.


In Creary your likes have influence over the contents, the more CGY your profile has, the stronger your influence will be. In practice this will make the publications with the most votes with power to be in the main positions of the Popular section at the same time that they will gain more rewards.

As you know, 30% of the rewards are distributed among the curators, that is, the users who find quality content and make them rise to the top positions making them more visible.

All great power carries a great responsibility, whether you are a user with little or much power your likes will have influence and you should be aware of this every time you like a publication. Any malicious or collusive practice will be considered a bad thing by the rest of the community and could discredit your profile and you could even receive negative reports from other members of the community.

Be an active user and add value to the Network

Being an active user in the network with a behavior that helps improve it, will give you some notoriety and will, among other things, make you a reference or model to follow for other users. This will be reflected in your level of Buzz, which can have an impact on the number of followers and the interactions your publications receive.

Like projects:

You should reward with your likes the work of those users who, in addition to quality in their projects, add value to the network and bet on improving the feeling of being a collaborative community.

A very important aspect to take into account, is the credibility that users provide through a profile with accurate information about themselves. Otherwise, they could be using plagiarized works of other authors with the sole purpose of obtaining money thanks to your likes.

Your likes will help others’ work to be more visible and to obtain some prestige within the network. It is very likely that the authors thank you with likes to your work in return.

Good taste and being among the first to find a quality project will help you earn more rewards as a curator.

If we all vote with good judgment the contents that really have a good quality this will make the network look more professional and attractive and make the value of Creary and its coin CREA grow.

When your likes begin to give money, you will often receive curation rewards that you can add to your funds by clicking on the yellow button that will appear in your wallet.

You can also buy CREA and convert it to CREA Energy to increase your voting power and give more rewards with your likes. Consider that the more reward your likes give, the more reward you will receive for your curation work:

Here you can follow a simple guide to buy CREA in an exchange:

Comment on projects:

Positive comments are always motivating for other artists with quality projects to continue publishing on the network.
You can also give tips or suggestions so that newcomers optimize their use of the platform and can improve their profiles.
Remember that your published comments can receive likes that will be rewards for you.
We should not post comments for the sole purpose of generating traffic to your portfolio, since that could be considered spam and could revert to a bad reputation of your user in the network and everything that may entail.

Following users: 

As the network grows and the number of published projects increases, you may not be able to see everything that is published in Creary. Therefore, the following section (where the projects published or recommended by the users you follow appear) will become more important.
Follow those users that are of interest to you, be it their style, their criteria or what you consider important. Their projects and recommendations will appear in your feed.

An account that does not follow anyone, may be considered badly by other users of the network because it does not project a true sense of community, showing little interest in the activity of other members of the Network.

Recommending a project:

The option to recommend is very useful so that your followers can see in your feed those projects that you recommend or want them to see.
What you recommend, can somehow define you, so be selective and support projects that really are of your interest or that of your followers and that are in line with the good practices of the network.
Recommend a project can be a great help to give visibility to those publications of new users who still do not have a high reputation in Creary.


Reporting content helps improve the quality of the platform. A reported project may lose visibility and the rewards gained by its publication.

The most common reasons for reporting content are:

– Fraud or plagiarism
– Copyright infringement
– Offensive material that incites hatred and violence.
– Project using spam tags (irrelevant tags) or containing spam.

You can report a content in the same publication or you can report it directly to our legal department by email to You can also warn about any abusive content using the #crearyabuse channel of our Discord server: