Following the development roadmap of, the Buzz has recently been activated. This is a new feature that indicates the level of reputation in the network of user profiles.

What is the Buzz in Creary?

As in any social network, a verification badge is the best indicator of how a user is and the quality that this user brings to the community.

Creary has a dedicated scoring system that works within the CREA Network blockchain.

Each user has a Buzz score that can be seen next to their name or in the user profile section. The Buzz score is one of the ways that Creary has to calculate the value that a user has contributed to the community.

The Buzz is a gamification mechanism that measures the quality of a user account while motivating the community to continue improving. It is also a mechanism that is designed to help reduce abuse within the social network while encouraging people to do things correctly.

Reputation starts at 1 (Novice) for all new users and it is the responsibility of the users to increase or decrease the score through their interaction with the chain of blocks and with other users.

How is reputation increased?

Your reputation increases when other users like your content. The fact that someone with a higher reputation reports your content can reduce your Buzz and make your posts less visible.

The reputation is not affected in the following cases:

  • When you receive author rewards in your wallet.
  • When you earn curation rewards.
  • When you make a post or a comment
  • The Buzz and the value of your user account are not related.

There is no direct relationship between your Buzz level and the value of your account displayed on your wallet. This means that the Buzz level is not affected by:

  • The amount of CREA in a user’s wallet.
  • The amount of CREA energy (CGY) that a user has.
  • The amount of CBD in your wallet.

The reason why the value of a user’s account doesn’t affect to the Buzz is because this way no one can buy their reputation. The reputation is achieved with effort, creativity and perseverance. So, there could be user accounts with a value of thousands of dollars and at the same time have a very low Buzz.

Keep in mind that not all likes will affect your reputation in the same way.

Although it is not the subject of this publication, the curation rewards obtained by the curators are an essential aspect that will affect your reputation. The amount of these rewards depends on the following factors:

  • Time of the like since the publication was shared
  • Reputation of the curator.
  • CREA Energy obtained by the user.
  • The remaining voting power and the percentage (vote strength) of that like.

Reward actions have a complex code behind, but once calculated, it is added to your reputation score except when someone reports your content (and has a reputation higher than yours). In this case, the reward actions are subtracted from your reputation, negatively affecting it and lowering your Buzz level.

It is important to know that the level of Buzz does not increase uniformly, going from 2 to 3 is slightly more difficult than going from 1 to 2 and so on. For this reason you may notice that at the beginning it is easier to increase your Buzz level.

What makes my Buzz level to go down?

The only way to lower your Buzz is because of receiving reports/reports of your content (negative votes). However, not all negative votes will affect you:

  • Negative reports from users with a Buzz score lower than yours will not affect your score.
  • If your project or comment received more likes than negative reports, then the net effect on your Buzz score will remain positive.

How is the Buzz level calculated
The core of the CREA Network (blockchain) shows a multi-digit reputation number that you can see in the block browser in the data section within your @user. For example, in the case of @creary it would be:
(reputation)  = 35,241,066.000

To make it easier, the social network converts this number using a base 10 Log function.

There are 8 levels:

[0-19] Novice
[20-29] Trainee
[30-39] Advanced
[40-49] Expert
[50-59] Influencer
[60-69] Master
[70-79] Guru
[>= 80] Genius

The formula has been designed as follows.

round((log10( raw_reputation)) * max_level / max_log_num)
raw_reputation = Raw reputation returned by the core.
max_level = Max number of levels.
max_log_num = Max number allowed by the formula log


max_level = 8
max_log_num = 20 
raw_reputation = 35,241,066.000
log10(35,241,066.000) = 7,547049036826153
7,547049036826153 * 8 / 20 = 3,018819614730461
Buzz: round(3,018819614730461 * 10) = round(30,18819614730461) = 30

Finally, the Buzz level result would be 30. This corresponds to Advanced.

Why is my Buzz level important?

Many Crearians look at the Buzz level of users before reviewing a project or downloading any project from a user. A high Buzz level means that content is much more likely to be quality.

If your reputation is below 1, it is evidence that you are not doing things right. If your reputation is 30 or more it means that you are making an effort so that your publications are appreciated by the community.

It is important to know that if a user has a buzz level less than -25, Creary may stop showing their posts. This is a tool for detecting malicious accounts that have been negatively valued by many members of the community.

The level of Buzz has an important role in the ability to regenerate the Energy of voting. The more reputation a user has, the faster their energy will regenerate to give likes with influence.