Road Map Creary 2020

After a year since the launch of the Beta version, the Creary team and the community have had the opportunity to use the social network in a real environment. In this 1 year experience we have detected some aspects to improve and we have identified some needs of the users. In this year 2020 we have the goal of solving and implementing all the functions that make this social network a special place for all creative minds.

 Creary official launch

When most of these functions have been implemented, we will definitely leave the beta version in which we are at the moment. A communication plan and a specific marketing campaign will be designed to announce this launch.

The social interaction notifications page will be activated on the platform. It can be accessed from the bell icon located in the main menu. Users will know when others have purchased one of their content, which users have started following them or if they have new comments about their projects.

– New publication formats

Until now, only the square format for the thumbnail could be used. New formats will be added for the thumbnail: square, horizontal rectangle and vertical rectangle. At the same time, the thumbnail will be optimized with a more compact appearance. This update will help to better show some designs and creations that were designed to be displayed in a format other than the current square.

Some aspects of the publishing process will be improved to optimize the user experience. The side carousel function will be activated where only images and videos can be added. The current publication format will remain active for those projects that choose this method of displaying their work.

– Like Energy regulator
Currently the likes are sent at the maximum possible energy, 100%. The possibility of being able to regulate this energy when sending the like will be added.

– Disciplines
A filtering system will be added by categories of disciplines: Graphic Design, Illustration, Interaction, Crypto Art, Fine Arts, Interactive Design, Animation etc. This way users can highlight their work in the disciplines that best fit their work.

Users can create galleries about any subject or discipline and other users can subscribe and publish their works in that gallery. These galleries will be moderated by the creators and can assign different roles to other users. This implementation will be very useful to open spaces dedicated to community-driven themes or initiatives: alternative disciplines, collectives, new trends, events, competitions, tutorials etc.

– Brand Collaborations
A space will be opened where contests promoted by Creary and other projects or brands will be published. The objective of this space is to open a channel of contests and proposed challenges that encourage community participation by offering creative dynamics and prizes to the winners.

– New links in the user profile section
Icons with links to other social networks as well as other crypto art platforms will be added. This way the Creary user profile will become a main vector that will link to other social networks where to connect with the creators.

– Flow and Voting Power
A section will be created where the Flow power level and the Vote Energy level of each user will be displayed.

– Promoted projects in the Popular section
Promoted projects will appear in order every 10 posts in the popular section. This will increase the visibility of projects promoted with CREA Dollar (CBD). These publications will have an identifier to differentiate them from the non-promoted publications.

– Visual guidance for newcomers
A system of pop-up screens will be added that will guide newcomers about the operation of the social network. This way, they will understand more easily the ecosystem of the platform.

– Milestone recognitions
A recognition system will be added for milestones reached in the network. For example, if a user has reached a certain level of reputation or has achieved more than 1000 downloads of a project, or has reached 10,000 followers, a distinctive badge will be granted that can be seen on his profile page.

– Stolen accounts recovery section
A section will be implemented to help users who have compromised their master keys or have been hacked. This way they could recover their account inside a period of 30 days as long as they remember their master key.

– Limited editions (NFT)
Creators can distribute their artworks in limited edition. This means that creators can limit the issuance of a digital artwork (digital object) and sell a limited number of reproductions that are certified and numbered.

– Favorites page
In this section you will be able to visualize those contents that have been marked as favorites, either for follow-up or for future use.

– Download type options
The possibility of assigning different prices to different download files of the same publication will be implemented. For example, this option will allow you to add different prices for each type of resolution of an image or video.

– Downloads page
Section where you can see the progress of the downloads at the same time that you can search all the publications that have been downloaded.