Here are some of the features you’ve been waiting for!

-Category browser
The power of the community pushes the topics and disciplines to the top. Now you can navigate more seamlessly between the most popular creative categories in the community.

-New search engine
Find other Crearians who are doing amazing things on Thanks to the user search you can quickly find your colleagues who are already part of the network.
The new search engine also incorporates a quick and intuitive search system for tags.

Find the resources the community is sharing. You can now filter searches by using the Distribution License filter (public domain, copyright or Creative Commons) and you can also filter projects that include downloadable files.

-Multiple beneficiaries
Share the rewards with other users. During the publication process you can now add multiple beneficiaries. When the 10-day rewards collection period ends, the blockchain will automatically distribute all CREA in the percentage you have chosen.
This function expands the distribution possibilities of CREA. This can be very useful to thank a collaboration or distribute rewards among a group of artists whose work has a shared authorship.

-Video loop
You can now display your videos in an infinite loop. Let ‘s surprise us!

With this update we conclude the beta phase of the platform. New updates will arrive soon focused on facilitating interaction with the CREA blockchain, more data visualization and interface improvements for user profiles.