We completed 1 year since the launch of Creary.net and to celebrate it we have created a commemorative Crypto Codex that hides a prize of 10,000 CREA.

The codex is inspired by the design of what a 10K CREA note could be. The graphics and illustrations contained in this ticket are codes and clues to decipher the secret key that will give you access to the user account that contains the 10K CREA (approximately $500 at the time of this publication).

To be able to decipher this codex you will need to have basic knowledge about: cryptography, design, art and, of course, to know how the creative social network Creary.net works.

If you manage to decipher the codex we recommend that you send the 10K CREA to a secure account since another person could decipher the codex and extract the prize.

To view the codex in high resolution download the file.

Every Monday we will publish a clue to help decipher this riddle.


Congratulations to liavZomperzon for decrypting the crypto codex.
In this video you can see how they discovered the key.