Deadline December 1, 2021

We are very happy to see how the Creary ecosystem is enriched with your creativity.

Thanks to the emergence of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), many artists have started to make use of decentralized technologies to develop their careers and obtain a livelihood.

Since we incorporated the option of adding NFTs links, there are more and more artists from different disciplines and styles sharing their works coined in NFT galleries on our network.

However, due to the huge growth in user volume in these galleries, it can be difficult to gain visibility.

Also, none of these NFT platforms have a decentralized curation system like Creary where the entire community votes to make the highest quality projects visible.

This means that the curation of projects is done centrally by the promoters of these platforms.

Therefore, with the aim of providing more democracy and decentralization in the curation of NFT projects, we have decided to launch the Drop your NFTs Rewards.

This rewards program will reward those users of any creative discipline who share on Creary their NFTs minted on other platforms or NFT galleries.

How to participate in the Tutorial Rewards Program?

To participate in this rewards program, you only need to do the following before next December 1, 2021:

  • If you are not yet part of, you must create a profile on the social network.
  • Share your best NFTs minted on other platforms in Creary
  • Important: Remember to include the link of the original NFT. You can do this by filling it out in the “Information” section during the publication process.
  • Use the hashtag #NFTrewards
  • Share your Creary post on Twitter and, if possible, tag us @crearynet 🙂
  • Once you have done the above, fill out the following form that demonstrates your participation in the Drop your NFT Rewards:



1 drop = 100 CREA

3 drops = 500 CREA

5 drops = 1000 CREA

50,000 CREA have been earmarked for this reward program. Don’t wait to post on the last day.

The winners will be made public on December 1 and the rewards will be delivered that same day.


** The Creary team reserves the right to reject applications that do not comply with the bases of this program, as well as with the philosophy of the project and the values promoted by the network.

** Only 5 entries per user are available.

** The list of participants will be compiled in a document that can be publicly accessible

** All publications that are not original by the author or violate the copyright of third parties will be out of the call.

** Rewards will be delivered in the form of CREA Energy (CGY) convertible to liquid CREA at any time.

** The deadline for participation is next December 1, 2021