Creary is the blockchain-based social network for creatives that rewards artists and curators in the community with cryptocurrencies. The network distributes cryptocurrencies daily in a proportion of 70% to creators and 30% to curators.

What is a Creary curator?
They are people who love art and creativity who work in the community to filter and search for quality content published by creatives. His work is very important and guarantees that the contents that appear as popular are those of greatest interest and quality. All users can be curators and content producers.

The sum of all the likes will make one type of content more visible than another. For this reason collective intelligence is constituted as the force that will decide the future of this social network.

How can I become a curator?
Being a curator is very simple, just create a user account at, and start voting (like) the content you like most. Soon you will begin to see your earnings increase in your cryptocurrency wallet.

Creary is a new generation community where all the benefits are shared among the users. 

Join now! Thousands of projects are waiting for your curation.

For more information and operation details, see now the Simple Guide for Creary Curators