Creativechain is the platform that directly empowers artists and creators, offering them an ecosystem where only they are owners to choose the way they distribute their contents.

Let’s imagine a social network like Instagram, Behance or Vimeo, without intermediaries, without registration, totally p2p and where the users can interact directly with their followers sharing contents with diverse licenses of copyright, applying in addition, all the benefits that brings Blockchain technology.

Creativechain obsoletes traditional and centralized systems of content distribution giving rise to a universe where artists will have full control of their production culture and its economy.

To protect this creative universe and give it its own autonomy, Creativecoin [CREA] has been created. This cryptocurrency is designed to benefit the community of artists and creatives who use the platform and its various methods of selling and distributing content. For this, the platform incorporates a wallet so that the users can manage the CREA obtained thanks to the interaction of its content.

Learn more about the details of the platform before its launch.

Join the community

The platform is open to anyone who wants to use it. It’s as simple as downloading the app where you can create a profile in few steps to start discovering the creative universes of the community.

Once users start browsing the platform, they will be able to follow other creatives and be updated about all the content they publish in various multimedia formats.

Newcomers will be able to get their first CREA by receiving an invitation from a member of  the community through a micro-donation form, that will be accepted by members already registered on the platform and that have some coins to accept new members.

In this way, you will get your first fraction of Creativecoin, which will allow you to start interacting with the community and uploading your own content, among other functions.

Microdonations with likes!

Creativechain works as a social network that allows its users not only to publish content and react to the publications of other creators, but also offers the possibility of creating micro communities in which they can generate greater engagement according to the characteristics of their publications and thus encourage interactions between users with similar interests.

These interactions will focus on recognizing the work of the artists and they’ll be recorded in the blockchain.

The classic “I like” is no longer just a symbolic action for fans of a content. In the platform, every time a content receives a “like”, its author directly receives a micro donation.

Recognition in the community

Users, as they publish content and, consequently, get recognition from the community, will receive Creativecoin from it and from the platform itself. It has been reserved a fund of CREA to reward those publications or users that contribute more to the community and help to promote the concept and proposal of Creativechain for creative communities.

Each user will have his own profile page where the contents he has shared in the platform will be shown.

In every “product card” it will be visible in addition to the classic “likes” and comments, the smart actions received in its contents (Purchases, Donations, Downloads, Equity Crowdfunding, Royalty free ..)

In addition, it will be possible to visualize an own system of valuation of experience, this will show numerically the repercussion or buzz that has had that work in the community, taking into account all the interactions received.

Finally as the user reaches greater buzz he will get badges that will show his experience on the platform. You can identify the experience by measuring the number of sides of the geometric figure that accompanies the avatar of each profile.

If you someone who produces digital content and at the same time you are passionate about the emerging economic model of cryptocurrencies, we invite you to follow the development of the platform.

In next publications and, as the launch of the platform Creativechain approaches, we will give more details on how it works.