We are living an exceptional situation that we will remember forever the rest of our lives. Now it is time to be responsible and take security measures to stop the spread of this virus. This entails drastic measures of confinement and quarantine.

Many creative minds are locked up in their homes looking for a distraction. But we are not going to waste all this time consuming Netflix or Instagram. For this, we encourage you all more than ever to continue developing your creative careers and publish all your creations on creary.net.

Now more than ever it is time to put creativity in life.

We encourage you to use your creativity to create a graphic representation that can explain to the Creary community how you are living or feeling this crisis. Use HT #fuckoffcovid19

Over the next few weeks we will be sharing the best creations and the 3 most voted will receive a reward of 2,000 delegated CGY.