Everything you need to know about how to earn rewards as a Curator on Creary.net

Creary is the blockchain-based social network of creative portfolios that rewards artists and curators. This guide explains the most important details to help you easily understand how the reward system works on creary.net when it comes to the curation work.

As you already know, in Creary users can not only publish their projects but also give votes with their likes. This work is rewarded with a part of the total of the rewards distributed daily by the CREA blockchain smart contract.

Projects that get more likes by those users with more Creation Energy (CGY) will earn more tokens from the rewards pool. At the same time, these publications will be displayed at the top of the project visualization lists, having more visibility and opting to get more possible likes.

Therefore, the work of a good curator is to find the highest quality projects that may be of greatest interest to the community.

The system is based on the logic that curators will do their best as they have CGY tokens and whose value can decrease if they do their curation work badly. Doing a bad curation work means for example to give likes to contents of low quality, that violate intellectual property or that negatively affect the reputation of the platform.

The sum of all likes will define the type of content displayed on the platform. For this reason, collective intelligence becomes the force that will decide the fate of this social network.

Voting and Curating

How is the group of rewards divided between authors and curators?

reward blockchain CREA

At most 30% of the payment of a publication is granted to the curators as a reward for discovering the content. The other 70% is given to the author of the project or comment.

If curators “like” a publication within the first 30 minutes of its creation, a portion of its reward will remain in the rewards bag. This portion is linear at the age of the project between 0 and 30 minutes. For example, giving a “like” after 15 minutes after the publication post will make that half of your potential curation reward does not come out of the rewards bag.

This measure encourages curators not to automate their work and to review a project well before giving a like.

RECOMMENDATION: If you do not know a user well or if it’s a new user, carefully check the project and his profile before giving a like. If you detect that he is a user who has made an identity theft or any other infraction, please leave a comment in his publication with a link that confirms your complaint so that other users can report this profile. If the reported user reaches -30 Buzz (reputation) Creary stops showing this user’s content.

What is my voting power?
A like can be interpreted as a vote, the more content you vote the more your voting power decreases. Every time you like a content you are using a small amount of your voting energy

The more you use your voting energy, your likes will have less influence. A like with 50% of the remaining voting power will be worth half a Like with 100% of the voting power. The CREA network recharges 20% of the voting power every day. You can see your energy in your profile by adding your username after the “@” in this link: https://creascan.net/@youraccount.

RECOMMENDATION: Measure well the daily amount of likes you send, with great power comes great responsibility.

How many times can I vote without exhausting my voting energy?
Each time you vote at 100% power, you will lose 2% of your remaining voting power.
You can vote several times daily, but each vote will be worth less, and you will need more time to reach full voting power again.

RECOMMENDATION: If you behave naturally and do not send likes in an impulsive way, you will never have 0% of your voting energy. Giving an average of 15 likes per day will allow you to return to 100% energy the next day.

Will I receive curation rewards for reporting publications or comments?
No. Since reporting a content through a negative vote reduces the rewards in a post or comment, you will not get curation rewards. Also you will reduce 2% of your voting power.

RECOMMENDATION: Report content helps improve the quality and coexistence in the platform. So please report only the contents that negatively affect the quality of the platform. The most common examples to report a content are: Fraud or plagiarism, infringement of copyright, offensive or hate-promoting material, spam or any practice of collusion where a user with a lot of power send likes to contents clearly of low quality to obtain Favors or rewards outside the platform.

Why do my votes have no effect on the rewards of a publication?

Users with more CREA Energy (CGY) will always have a greater influence on rewards than users with less CGY. The more CGY the curator has, the greater the rewards he will earn for the curation work (+CGY = +Rewards). Remember that the curation reward is divided proportionally among all the curators of that project.

These data represent the value of 1 like with 100% voting power at the time of this article (it may fluctuate in the future).

1 Like with 100 CGY= $0,006
1 Like with 1000 CGY= $0,060
1 Like with 10000 CGY= $0,600
1 Like with 100000 CGY= $6,000

RECOMMENDATION: If you want your likes to have more power, you will have to get more CGY by publishing content, curating content or energizing more CREA to get CGY.

If you do not have CGY, you can buy it at an exchange or any other service where CREA is available and then energize it in your wallet. Here you will find a list of places where you can get CREA: https://creaproject.io/buy/

Is self-voting possible?
The philosophy of Creary is extremely linked to the community feeling and to offer a space for coexistence and community work.

Although technically self-voting is possible, the fact of spending a proportion of your energy on your personal benefits instead of supporting other users’ projects can be badly considered by the community and it could impact negatively your reputation.

RECOMMENDATION: Spend your voting energy on voting other users and building your own network of friends inside the platform. You can use the promoted section to highlight your work.

When can I claim my rewards?

Right after the end of the 10-day period of the project that you have voted for, you can settle the reward by clicking on the yellow button displayed on your wallet.


In the Rewards/Curation section of your profile you can see the history of the earned rewards thanks to your curation work.

Now you know enough to start earning your first cryptocurrencies.
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