Why when I give a like to a project, it doesn’t add a reward?

If your likes don’t give a reward, it can be due to several reasons.

1- To have greater influence on your likes you will need to have CREA Energy (CGY) the more CGY you have your influence in the distribution of the rewards will be greater. To get more CGY you have different options:
-The first option is to earn rewards for your activity in the social network, for example by creating quality content, writing interesting comments or giving likes to quality content. Save
-The second and fastest option is to energize CREA and convert it into CGY on your wallet. If you do not have CREA you can get it at any point of sale or exchange available creaproject.io/buy

2- It is possible that you are still a newcomer and your BUZZ (reputation) is still very low. You can check your exact reputation at https://creascan.net/@youruser/data, reputation section. If your reputation is 0 or very low, your likes will have very little effect even if you have a lot of CGY.

3- If you meet the 2 previous requirements and your likes still don’t give rewards, it’s possible that you have exhausted your voting energy. You can check it at https://creascan.net/@youruser where you’ll find a bar that indicates your voting energy in the right column. If this indicator is at 0% or at a very low %, the system will allow you to give likes but they won’t have influence. The voting energy recharges itself, little by little (it can take minutes or hours), the higher your reputation the faster it will recharge.