Hello Crearians,

October has already started and, therefore, it is the ideal time to get on top of our creative habits by following initiatives like Inktober.

What is the Inktober?

The Inktober is a challenge that invites artists to improve their drawing skills. This challenge was originally created by the artist Jake Parker in 2009 and the initial proposal consisted of publishing a drawing made with ink on social networks every day of October.

Each year, the artist proposes a list of daily themes to draw throughout the month of October.

Despite its name, the massive participation in the challenge has resulted in not only hand drawers following it, but it has also expanded to many styles and techniques including the digital part.

Inktober Creary 2020

At Creary we would like to collaborate with this initiative by encouraging you to strengthen your habit of drawing and to include it in your daily routine.

Guardar Therefore, we invite you to share on Creary.net a minimum of 10 projects from the list, which we show you below in the image, on the corresponding day using the hashtag inktobercreary2020.

At the end of the month, we will delegate 5000 CGY for 1 year to those users who participate in this challenge and meet the following requirements:

– Publications must be original and made by the author who publishes them.

– Very simple publications or that are suspected of having been created quickly, disinterestedly or using any type of trap to deceive us will not be accepted.

The delegated reward can be reversed in the following cases:

– After receiving the participation, it is found that the user is impersonating another artist.

– Encourage hatred and have criminal attitudes in the community.

– De-energize more than 5000 CGY. This shows that the user no longer needs delegation to thrive in the community.

The Creary team reserves the right to reject those entries it deems appropriate due to malpractice on the part of the participant.

We hope to see you in Creary participating in this famous challenge that will surely help you to reserve a space for your true passion in the hectic daily routine.