Finally! The creative communities have a decentralized space where they can share their creations in the blockchain.

How to participate?

First, you have to break with the logic imposed by centralized social networks where it is not necessary to give your personal information, email or mobile phone to make the registration. In Creativechain, your personal information is not required to create a user account. When you install the application, a private key (wallet.dat) will automatically be created through a mathematical process. From then on, it will be your identification that only you and only you will know about. Remember that Creativechain is a decentralized social network and there is no central entity to regulate it, therefore you should keep your keys very well, because if you lose them there will be no way to recover them. You are your own bank and responsible for your money.

As an initial promotion we have designed a rewards system in Creativecoin (CREA), the official currency of the platform. This promotion will be available to all users who download and create an account on the platform. We have 82,500 CREA reserved for this reward. We are waiting for you!

To register, you will need:

1- Download the Creativechain platform from this link.
2- Execute the application and follow the steps indicated. Remember to keep your private key and password in a safe place.

*ATTENTION: If you are a Windows user you will have to check the Public Network connection box so that the application can start correctly (In case you have ignored this indication, you will see the instructions at the end of this text).

3- Once inside you will be a user whose name will be “anonymous”. If you want to access the reward, you must click on the user name and edit a new identity.
4- In a few minutes you will receive your reward that you can see reflected in the upper right part of the application and from the wallet that incorporates Creativechain.
5- Start to share and customize your own community.

This is just the beginning since many implementations have been planned to expand the possibilities within the network. Keep an eye on our communications as we will soon publish the roadmap of the platform.

If there is any doubt, you want to report a bug or have some idea to improve the system, you can contact the community through these channels:

Telegram group
Discord server
Also, there is a form available

Thank you very much to all of you who have supported the project during this time.

Sincerely, the team

* Activate the option of connection to public networks in Windows.

1- Completely close the Creativechain application.
2- From the search engine of your Windows, look for the option “Allow a program through Windows Firewall”
3- In the list that appears, look for “creativechain.exe”and “creativecoind-win64.exe” and activate the public network by checking the corresponding checkbox.
4- When you reopen the application, the synchronization process with the blockchain will start correctly.