The format of the user profile section has been redesigned to make it more attractive and display more useful information.

Cover image

Users can now add a cover image for their profile.

New links in the user profile section

Icons have been added with links to other social networks, as well as other crypto art platforms. In this way, the Creary user profile section will become a main vector that will link with other social networks where you can connect with creators.

You can also see the Flow level and the voting Energy.

What is FLOW?

The FLOW is a non-transferable type of resource or token that is granted intelligently by the CREA blockchain to each @user account according to the amount of CREA Energy (CGY) it has. The FLOW is proportional to the CGY.

The FLOW is a resource that is consumed every time a user makes transactions (votes, likes, comments, transfers or energizations).

Each transaction has a specific cost in FLOW. If you have enough FLOW to cover the cost, you can make the transaction.

This system allows in a decentralized way to protect the blockchain from malicious actions such as spam.

What can I do if I run out of FLOW?
When a user runs out of FLOW, he can do two things:

1. Wait for it to recharge again. Each day 20% will be refilled, therefore to have 100% FLOW you will need 5 days.

2. The fastest option to increase your FLOW is to buy more CREA and Energize it. Following this link you can access different services that sell or exchange CREA.

What is my Voting Energy?
The more content you vote the more your voting power decreases. Every time you like a content you are using a small amount of your voting power.

The more you use your voting energy, your votes / likes will have less influence. A like with 50% of the remaining voting energy will be worth half a Like with 100% of the voting energy. The network of CREA recharges its voting power 20% every day.

Delete project

We have implemented the delete post function. The project will no longer be visible on The data in this post will continue to exist on the CREA blockchain.