Creary is a social network that rewards artists, creatives and designers of digital art for publishing original works.

It is likely that, on occasion, some users improperly appropriate works by other authors and publish them on Creary for their own benefit.

The philosophy of the platform goes against these bad practices and therefore, offers the community the possibility of reporting content.

There are different reasons to report to users: impersonation, copyright infringement, spam, fraud or other behaviors considered malicious or negative for the community.

How to detect if a content does not belong to a user?

Although it is difficult to have complete certainty about the real authorship of a user about the content he publishes, there are several steps to follow that can help us be more confident when voting or reporting a content.

First, we must verify that the user has a profile with information about him and some external link to Creary where we can see his work.

It is important to examine the published project well and detect if there is any signature or watermark where we can see the name of the original author.

There are other indicators that can make us suspect about a fake identity, for example, if the user publishes low quality images or if his portfolio includes artworks of very different styles.

If we have the name of the user and / or the original author, it is recommended to do a search on the internet to check if the artist has a website, portfolio in other creative communities or profile in conventional social networks.

If we cannot obtain information about an author or its content causes us some suspicion, it is interesting to do a reverse search and try to locate the file (in case of an image) in image search engines such as or the Google images section itself. To do this you must save the file and, if you use the Google Chrome browser, just click on the image / Search image on Google.

Once we have located the content of a publication on Creary in external sources, we must investigate the type of license that has that original work and check if it is still respected in Creary. It is very important to keep in mind if the author in Creary (in case of sharing third party content) respects the original author’s license and, for example, mentions him when necessary. If so, the content would have no reason to be reported.

For greater guarantee, when we know the identity of the original author, we can contact him by different means such as email or through social networks, and ask about the veracity of the user who has published his work on Creary.

What to do when a user is publishing other people’s content improperly?

Inside any project we find the “Report” option.

Reporting content helps improve the quality of the platform. A reported project will lose visibility and the rewards obtained by its publication. If this content is reported by many users and the author reaches a reputation of -30, the contents of this user will no longer be visible on

You can report in the same post by making a comment to alert other users, the community usually rewards the discoverer by voting their comment. You can also report it directly to the legal department of at You can also warn of any abusive content using the #crearyabuse channel of the Discord server:

It is important that, when reporting in any of the previous ways, you provide all the necessary information that has made you sure of the decision to report. For example, add links from the original author in external sources or indicate his profile on other social networks.

Thanks for participating! Together we make this social network every day the best place to share our ideas and creations.