We continue to create new features and updates that improve and expand the possibilities of the decentralized social network Creary with the aim of continuing to build a more free and decentralized internet.

Here are some of the most important implementations that will see the light of day in 2021.

– Limited editions (NFT)

Creators can distribute their creations in a limited edition format. This means that creators can limit the issuance of a digital work of art (digital object) and sell a limited number of reproductions that are certified and numbered.

The development will take place in three phases:

Phase 1 – NFT Links Currently many creators share their work and add a link that gives access to an NFT market. To make this practice easier, we will enable a button that will be visible in all publications where users can attach the address of the NFT of an external market.

Phase 2 – Native NFTs
In this phase, the native NFTs will be activated on the CREA blockchain. Thanks to this update, Creary.net users will be able to publish unique or limited editions without network fees. A very attractive feature that generates a digital scarcity of a work to become a collectible digital object.

This implementation opens up a new space of possibilities to monetize content either as unique objects, limited editions or with Dutch auctions.

Now in Creary you can be a creator, curator and collector.

All publications will continue to be under the smart media reward algorithm that distributes rewards to the most voted publications by the community.

Phase 3 – Multi-platform NFTs
In order to expand the possibilities offered by NFT tokens, we will launch a multiplatform NFT market manager. This platform will allow NFTs to be published on multiple blockchains such as Ethereum or CREA. Users will be able to choose how and where to publish their NFT.

To build this new platform we will use Substrate (Polkadot ecosystem) interoperable technology that allows us to create bridges that connect various blockchains between them.

Creary users will be able to publish their work using this tool.

– New publication formats 

Until now, only the square format for the thumbnail could be used. New formats will be added for the thumbnail: square, horizontal rectangle and vertical rectangle. At the same time, the thumbnail will be optimized with a more compact appearance. This update will help to better show some designs and creations that were designed to be displayed in a format other than the current square.

Some aspects of the publishing process will be improved to optimize the user experience. The side carousel function will be activated where only images and videos can be added. The current publication format will remain active for those projects that choose this method of displaying their work.

– Like Energy regulator

Currently the likes are sent at the maximum possible energy, 100%. With the new likes energy regulator, users will be able to regulate their energy when sending likes.

– Galleries

Users can create galleries about any subject or discipline and other users can subscribe and publish their works in that gallery. These galleries will be moderated by the creators and can assign different roles to other users. This implementation will be very useful to open spaces dedicated to community-driven themes or initiatives: alternative disciplines, collectives, new trends, events, competitions, tutorials etc.

– Brand Collaboration

We will open a dedicated space where contests promoted by Creary with other projects or brands will be published. The objective of this space is to open a channel of contests and proposed challenges that encourage community participation by offering creative dynamics and prizes to the winners. You can see an example of our Brand Collaboration with SIA.

– New user profile section

The format of the current user profile section will be redesigned to make it more attractive and display more useful information.

Cover image
Users will be able to add a cover image for their profile.

New links in the user profile section
Icons with links to other social networks as well as other crypto art platforms will be added. This way the Creary user profile section will become a main vector that will link to other social networks where to connect with the creators.

– Flow and Voting Power

A section will be created where the Flow power level and the Vote Energy level of each user will be displayed. 

– Projects promoted in the Popular section

Promoted projects will appear in order every 10 posts in the popular section. This will increase the visibility of the projects promoted with CREA Dollar (CBD). These posts will have an identifier to differentiate them from non-promoted posts.