Road Map Creary 2019

Market CREA / CBD
A section with the interface of a professional exchange where users can easily exchange CREA and CREA Dollar (CBD) coins will be implemented.

– BUZZ reputation system Implementation of the reputation system that defines the quality of user’s activity in the network. This will allow identifying the most active and well-recognized users in the social network.

– Recommend content
The option to recommend other user’s projects will be added. This content will be visible in your followers feed.

– New languages
Currently is only in English. Most requested languages by the community such as the Spanish will be added.

– Side navigation system
Implementation of a content side navigation system on user’s profile page. This way, users can browse all the projects of the same author without having to close the project detailed view.

– Comment on comments
The option to comment on other users comments in a publication will be implemented.

– Mention @users
It will be possible to mention @users in comments and publications.

– Likes strength regulator
Now, users’ likes are issued at the maximum energy. The possibility of regulating this energy will be added to the users’ drop-down menu.

– Content filtering by license types
This system will allow users to easily filter in a search those contents that are registered with a specific license. More types of license will be added.

– Notifications

The notifications page of social interactions on the platform will be activated. It can be accessed from the bell icon in the main menu. It will allow users to know when their contents have been purchased, their new followers or if they have new comments about their projects.

– Share content 
Button to easily share content on other social networks.

– Downloads page
Section where users can see the progress of the downloads and where they can find all the publications that have been downloaded by paying.

– Download types options
The possibility of assigning different prices to different download files within the same publication will be implemented. For example, this option will allow users to add different download prices for each type of resolution of an image or video.

– Tutorial with visual accompaniment for newcomers
To make the learning curve of a newcomer to easier, a visual accompanying system will be added to indicate the operation of the main sections of the platform.

– Stolen accounts recovery section
A section will be implemented to help users who have compromised their master keys or have been hacked. This way they could recover their account in a period of 30 days as long as they remember their master key

– Favorites page
In this section, users will be able to see those contents that have been marked as favorites, either for their follow-up or to be used in the future.

– Collective pages
Create profiles for groups, agencies, studies or other types of creative organizations.
This option will allow to create user profiles that can be managed by several @users in order to create a team.

– Embed license code
Add an embed code of the CREA license so that any creator can add it in his website, blog or digital media creating a direct access to the certified license in the CREA blockchain.

– More gamification
A system of recognitions for milestones reached in the network will be added. For example, if a user has reached a certain level of reputation or has obtained more than 1000 downloads of a project, or has reached 10000 followers, a distinctive badge will be awarded and it can be seen on their profile page.

– Promoted projects in the “Popular” section
Promoted content may be added every 25 publications in the popular section. This way users can increase the visibility of their projects promoted with CBD.

– Limited editions
Creators can distribute their creations in limited edition mode. This means that creators can limit the issuance of a digital artwork (digital object) and sell a limited number of copies that are certified and numbered.

– Collective works
This action makes it possible to divide by percentage and automatically all payments made to a collective work. If a collective creates a work jointly between different users, each user will be able to receive money individually every time that a payment to the collective work is generated.