SegWit activated in Creativechain Core

We announce that in the last update Creativechain Core has captured the SegWit in its orbit and it has been activated and prepared for future updates. This implementation offers several interesting adjustments to improve the network and its security. The size of the block will no longer be measured in bytes, but in units. It will make the transactions and their signature to occupy less, allowing to have more space in each block. SegWit hinders the malleability of transactions, as well as the possibility of double spending. The SegWit addresses will start with “F” in honor of Fibonacci whose sequence has been used repeatedly in several developments of the project. With this update, the CREA Core has been prepared to accept new updates to accept the Lightning Network or the Atomic Swaps.

Apart from the SegWit, other updates have been added to the Core:

Address header ‘F for SegWit – cdb78e5
Address header ‘f for SegWit in testnet – 2fd7b88
Updated seed nodes – 2dbcccb
Added dnsseeds – f8f1162
Added checkpoints and fix progress issue – 0f8ad30
More fixes –07316b6

Update your wallet to get Creativechain Core last version:

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