OPEN CALL – $750 rewards 

Hello Crearians!

At Creary we are very happy to present you a new creative challenge in collaboration with the Skynet team on the launch of a new hackathon for developers and non-developers alike.


Skynet is the foundation for a new decentralized internet that puts users and creators in control of their digital experiences, instead of monopolistic corporations.

Skynet is built on the Sia blockchain. Where Sia enables decentralized file storage, Skynet enables decentralized file sharing. Therefore there are many new possibilities for applications that leverage core features of decentralization like user-owned personal data, persistent identity across apps, and censorship-resistance.

Examples of apps built on Skynet: (Social Media) (Live Streaming) (Dropbox clone) (Media gallery)


The Skynet hackathon will be announced next week on March 17, and lasts from April 2 – May 17. This is a new spin on the idea of a hackathon, as the Skynet team wants to create a new ecosystem of developer and non-developer participation. It will be in 3 phases:

Phase 1: BUILD – Hackathon (for developers to build Skynet applications)

Phase 2: EXPLORE – Use-athon (for anyone, though primarily non-technical folks to test drive those applications)

Phase 3: DREAM – Imagining the future (for anyone, though primarily non-technical folks from the Explore phase to imagine and brainstorm any future Web3 use-cases. All industries, experience welcome!)

1. Create a design, illustration or photograph inspired by the Skynet project.

Use your creativity to share a design that represents the Skynet’s concept and philosophy by highlighting the benefits Skynet brings to the universe of decentralization and the free internet for developers and content creators.

2. Name this event and include it in the title of your post

As we have mentioned above, the event consists of three parts: 1. Build 2. Explore 3. Dream. Include a title in your post that describes this event.

3. Technique, format and proportions.

The technique is totally free: illustration, graphic design, 3D design, painting, photography or any type of mixed media that can be digitized and published in image format on
If the image of the publication doesn’t have an optimal resolution, we recommend attaching a download file in high resolution.

The design must be rectangular with a minimum aspect ratio of 2088 x 1024 px.

4. Add the tag or category “Skynet” and select a Creative Commons license

Use the category or tag “Skynet” so that we can easily find your entry.
Select a Creative Commons (CC) or public domain license that allows the Skynet team to use your creation, if it is the winner.

The winning design will be used for its promotion as well as on all event swag!


The publications must be original and made by the author who publishes them. They must have a public domain or Creative Commons license, keep a 2088 x 1024 px format and use the “skynet” tag.


All applications submitted before March 17 at 3pm EST (NYC time) will be accepted.


2 prizes will be awarded to the winners of this creative challenge.

Skynet pick: A prize worth $375 in Siacoin (SC) will be awarded to the entry chosen by the Skynet team. This will be the project that will be used to promote the event.

Creary community winner: A prize worth $375 in Siacoin (SC) will be awarded to the creative that receives the highest number of votes (likes) from the community.

The winners will be contacted by the Creary team to manage the delivery of the prize.

In addition, all participants will receive a delegation of 2000 CGY for 30 days. This will increase their voting power on and increase their network influence and curation rewards.

The CGY will be delegated during the 48 hours after the end of the challenge.

Participations will be considered void in the following cases:

– The author is impersonating another artist.
– Participations that promote hatred, discrimination and have criminal attitudes in the community.
– Use of fraudulent techniques to get likes.

The Creary and Skynet teams reserve the right to reject those entries they deem appropriate due to malpractice by the participant.

We hope to see you at Creary participating in this fantastic creative challenge!