Receive a 30k CREA Energy (CGY) delegation for each CREA purchase over € 100.

Special offer: the Super Energy Comet!

At Onecomet we want to support all the people who, during this time, have joined the community and have obtained the CREA cryptocurrency from our credit card purchase service.

For this reason we offer a bonus of 30,000 CREA Energy delegated for 90 days for those users who obtain CREA during this month of May.

Thanks to this Super Energy Comet, you will have more voting power in the community and your rewards as a curator will be much higher for 90 days.

This promotion is valid for all purchases over € 100

Only one delegation will be made for each user.

Deadline to participate in the offer: 5/31/2021 23:59 UTC
30k CGY will be energized in the first 24 hours after payment.  

Don’t miss out on this Super Comet! Get your CREA now and take advantage of the benefits this bonus offers you!

Buy CREA Tutorial
Tutorial comprar CREA