With the release of the next version 2.0 of the blockchain of Crea, Creary.net will be launched.

Creary is a more advanced version than its predecessor, the desktop version known as Creativechain.

What is Creary?

Creary is a blockchain-based social network of multimedia portfolios that rewards creatives and curators for sharing their digital creations with the community.

How does it work?

Creary is the first DAPP that uses the blockchain of Crea. In Creary, any user can publish digital content and be rewarded for their creative work according to the votes received by the community.

Users are rewarded with a cryptocurrency called CREA.

The blockchain of Crea continuously issues new coins that are distributed among all the participants. This is possible thanks to Proof of Creation, a type of algorithm that gives rewards in the form of tokens to reward the work of creating and curating the contents of the platform. Users who have more CREA coins will decide where a greater part of the rewards issued by the blockchain is distributed.

Users can buy and sell creative works of any multimedia format using CREA.

These exchanges happen instantaneously in a distributed network without intermediaries where users can connect directly and avoid fees or commissions that make the creative work of the authors more expensive.

Creary issues certificates of copyright and distribution license on any digital work that is published. The immutability of the blockchain allows any data that registers in it to be practically impossible to manipulate or erase. This gives a power of attorney over everything that is published in the Crea network without the need for a centralized authority.

The brand

The name of Creary is inspired by the concept of personal creative portfolio and therefore the brand is built by merging the words Creative + Diary. Its logo includes the word Creary + an isotype that is an evolution of the symbol that represents the blockchain of Crea and its cryptocurrency CREA. At the same time, this isotype is inspired by the copyright © symbol, but in the case of Creary it is an inverted “C” that is used to represent works registered with Copyleft licenses.


The Creary platform is in the final stages of its development and the release date will be announced soon. If you want to know more detailed information and join the project as a betatester member, leave your email and we will let you know when you start this test phase that will precede the official launch of Creary.

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