install creativechain

Step 1. Visit

Access from our website to the home page or downloads. From either of the two, look for the blue banner with the title Download Creativechain. In the title you can check the latest update of the platform.

Step 2. Requirements.

Click on the REQUIREMENTS button and read carefully the versions of the operating systems compatible with Creativechain.

Step 3. How to install.

If your computer is compatible, click on the INFO INSTALL button and read the steps to be taken into account. If something has not been clear later is explained again in this tutorial.

Step 4. Download the app.

If you have verified that your computer is compatible and you have read everything carefully, you can download the application. Choose your operating system and click on its representative icon. Immediately you will see that the latest version of Creativechain is downloaded and you can run it on your computer.


If you are a Windows user, a screen will appear where you will have to check the Public Network connection box so that the application can start correctly.

If you have ignored this indication, read the instructions below:

Activate the connection option to public networks in Windows.

1- Completely close the Creativechain application.

2- From the search engine of your Windows find the option “Allow a program through Windows Firewall”

3- In the list that appears, look for “creativechain.exe” “creativecoind-win64.exe” and activate the public network by checking the corresponding checkbox.

4- When you reopen the application, the synchronization process with the blockchain will start correctly.


Step 1. Welcome to Creativechain!

Read carefully the steps of the registration process and discover everything that the platform offers you.

If you are already a Creativechain user you can start using the app directly in this first step.

Enter your file.dat and keep going. The file.dat is the file that contains all your user and wallet data. That file that you saved in a safe place the first time you installed the application.

If you are a new user and you have not understood anything, do not worry. Click on the arrow and continue. Then you will understand.

Step 2. New Users

Enter a password to be able to log in and generate a new user. Creativechain is a decentralized system, nobody but you can manage the data related to your user and we will not be able to recover your password if you forget it.

Each user has a password to log in and also a wallet where the CREA are stored, the official cryptocurrency of Creativechain, with which you can register content, make sales, receive donations and / or distribute your projects. So, do not forget your password, and keep the file wallet.dat in a safe place! No one can help you recover this data if you lose it. Now you are your own bank.

* Inside the app you can change the password to re-download the wallet.dat file whenever necessary.

Step 3. Now you are your own bank.

In your user profile you will be able to manage your CREA in the wallet. With it you can receive money for your publications or make donations to projects that you like. This is why the wallet is linked to a unique address of letters and numbers, which usually begins with the letter C or F. As if it were the number of your bank account. With it, users can send you donations or you can receive them. The CREA will immediately go to your wallet.

Step 4. You are ready to join the Creativechain universe!

The synchronization of the network could take a few minutes. Be patient, you are becoming a node in the network.

Always remember that a decentralized network is maintained thanks to the collective work of thousands of users who participate in different tasks.

When the network has been synchronized completely you can click on the start button and discover the latest projects.


  1. Creativechain logo: it takes you back to the home page.
  2. Navigation arrows.
  3. Browser: by tags or usernames (@user).
  4. Publish a project.
  1. Notifications: it shows any interaction with your user.
  2. Profile name and picture.
  3. Wallet: it shows the money balance of your wallet.
  4. Settings.
  1. Navigation menu (it changes depending on the screen).
  2. Project cards: summary of the most relevant data.


Step 1. Search for projects of your interest

If you just installed the platform you can start looking for your preferences and customize your homepage. Find the projects that most inspire you and follow them. There are two ways to find projects.

1.1. You can search by tag in the browser placed in the top bar. Write any word, discipline or topic and you will see all the works linked to that concept.

1.2. You can click on Discover and view the latest publications uploaded to the platform.

1.3. You can find @users by adding the symbol “@” followed by a username.

Step 2. See who are you following.

In the right sidebar you can find all the users that you have started to follow. You can also find this list of followers in the section of your profile.

Step 3. Project cards.

This file is informative. It shows the most relevant data of the publication

  • Featured picture
  • Title
  • Description
  • Likes. Comments. Downloads. License of copyright.
  • User profile picture. Username. Buzz.


  • You can like the project from the icon of the heart.
  • You can see more information about the author from his profile image.
  • You can go directly to the publication and see more detailed information.


publicar creativechain
To make your first publication you only have to fill in all the fields that are on the card. Think of a title, the type of copyright you want to use and the cost of its download.

*. User profile

1. Featured picture

Upload or drag the image you want so that your project looks good in the homepage. The maximum weight of your image should be 1MB.

And remember that this image is accessible to all users. If you don’t want it to be used by others, do not upload a quality image in this section or add your watermark.

2. Information

Write all the information about the project in this section . Enter a title, a description and the tags related to your publication. You can use up to five labels.

3. Download

Upload the content for download and add its price per download, if you consider it appropriate. The maximum size of this file is 200 MB.

4. License

Select the type of copyright license you want to give to your project. It can be totally free and shared with all users, with restricted commercial use, not allowing derivative works …

If you have doubts about author licenses you can consult each of them by clicking on the description.


publish creativechain
  1. Featured picture.
  2. Profile picture, name and references of the author.
  3. Level and Buzz.
  4. Button to follow or stop following.
  1. Project information: title, description and date.
  2. Tags.
  4. Download and save button.
  1. Format, size and price for content download.
  3. Blockchain certificate.
  4. Block content.
buzz creativechain

3. Experience level: Buzz

The Buzz is the platform’s own gamification system that is based on the evaluation of user experience. This shows numerically the repercussion or “Buzz” that the whole of the publications of a user has had in the community, taking into account the total computation of all the received interactions, either through the number of downloads, visualizations, likes, comments or new followers. .

This number is a recognition within the community. Greater Buzz means higher level of user experience and higher profile quality.

Levels: Novice (0 Buzz) > Trainee (144 Buzz)> Advanced (233 Buzz)> Expert (377 Buzz)> Influencer (610 Buzz) > Master (987 Buzz) > Guru (1597 Buzz) > Genius (2584 Buzz)

As different levels are reached, the platform automatically rewards users.

Novice (1 CREA) > Trainee (5 CREA)> Advanced (8 CREA)> Expert (13 CREA)> Influencer (21 CREA) > Master (34 CREA) > Guru (55 CREA) > Genius (89 CREA)

blockchain certificate creativechain

11. Blockchain certificate

It shows the information of the license registration of your project in the blockchain:

  • TXID: It is the hash that identifies the transaction where all the metadata of the record of the work and the content were added. It is the time stamp that is stored forever within the blockchain.
  • Type of license: shows how your project can be used. The icons show the license in a visual way.
  • Time Stamp: shows the specific moment in which you have registered your content.
  • Creativechain address: is the address linked to your project. Users will use this address so that you can receive CREA by donations and / or downloads or other interactions with the publication.

*You have a CREA address linked to your user (you can find it in your profile) and one for each publication you make.

(It is explained below in the wallet section)

block user creativechain

12. Block

Report content: with this icon you can report a specific content and block it.

Block everything: with this icon you can block a user and stop seeing it immediately. From your profile you can cancel the block and see this user again whenever you want.


You can get CREA in many different ways:

  1. Registration: Once you have registered in the application, you will immediately receive CREA to start interacting with other users.
  2. Likes: With each “Like” that users give to your publications, you receive CREA.
  3. Download: If your projects have cost per download, you earn CREA for every download.
  4. Buzz: If you interact in the application commenting, giving likes, uploading content … your Buzz will augment and your level of user experience will increase giving you more CREA.
  5. Rewards: Participating in the bounties of Creativechain: Weeklys, Gamma and other promotions.
  6. Mining: Collaborating with the network, using your CPU graphics card. How to mine CREA?
  7. Buy CREA: you can buy CREA on these cryptocurrency exchanges.


wallet overview creativechain

Access your wallet

  • Click on your CREA in the upper right black bar and enter your wallet.

The Creativechain wallet stores your CREA, the currency of the Creativechain application. Through this wallet you can receive CREAs, store them and / or make payments from the platform. (The wallet manages only the CREA cryptocurrency).

During the registration, your new user has been created and linked to an address (as if it were your bank account). This address will be your identification on the platform. Your CREA address is displayed on the user profile page.

The platform generates an address for your user, but also for each of your publications, so that any donation or payment for downloading your projects goes to your only purse on the platform. This means that users can send you CREA to different addresses but it will always go unified to your wallet.

The price of CREA depends on the supply and demand that is generated in some exchanges where this cryptocurrency is traded. You can consult one of the main indexes of the sector to know its price in real time.

wallet overview creativechain

1. General view

  • Menu bar: shows all the actions you can perform with your wallet. Send, receive, transaction history and contact list.
  • Total balance: shows the total balance of CREA that you have in your wallet.
  • Balance: shows the available balance and the pending balance.
  • Recent transactions: shows the transactions that are made in your wallet.
wallet send creativechain

2. Send CREA

You can send CREA very easily:

  • Step 1. Enter the address where you will send CREA. If it is a user, you will find their address on their profile page. If it is a specific publication, you will find it in the license section of the publication. Remember that the addresses can be linked to a user or a project.
  • Step 2. Write the tag or subject you want.
  • Step 3. Enter the amount you want and click on the yellow button to send.
  • Step 4. You can check your payment in General View or Transactions.
  • * Remember that there is no going back, you manage your wallet. Now you are your own bank and there is no one other than you who knows your passwords.
wallet transactions creativechain

3. Transactions

It shows the transactions that have been made in your wallet. The list is organized as follows:

  • Status: shows if the transaction is pending or has been successful.
  • Date: indicates the exact moment of the transaction.
  • Type: shows if the transaction has been sending or receiving.
  • Address: shows the CREA address.
  • Amount: shows the amount of CREA received or sent in the wallet.
wallet address creativechain

4. Address book

The list shows the contact addresses you have to send or receive payments. Always remember to check the amount of CREA and the address before transferring the coins.

Click on one of them to send CREA.

Export to save the address book on your computer.