Deadline: 20th January 2020


We are very excited to see how our ecosystem is enriched thanks to your creativity.

There are more and more artists from different disciplines and styles sharing their works on Creary.net and this is inspiring other users in the community to experiment with new creative fields.

For this reason, with the objective of promoting collective learning and betting on the value that each user brings to the network’s ecosystem, we have decided to launch the Tutorial Rewards Program.

This rewards program will reward those users of any creative discipline who share in Creary a tutorial on how to develop a creative process.

This can be a description (audiovisual or textual) that shows step by step how to make a design, a technique, a style or even a specific detail (example: draw eyes with graphite, add snow effect in Photoshop, create an abstract ring in C4D …) In short, what you think you can contribute to the community thanks to your experience.

We would love it to be directly related to your previously published work.


How to participate in the Tutorial Rewards Program?

To participate in this rewards program, simply do the following before January 20, 2020:

  • If you are not yet part of Creary.net, you must create a profile on the network 
  • Share on Creary a tutorial in text or video about some creative process that you master and may be useful for other users.

** Text tutorial: Must consist of a step-by-step explanation about the creative process. Please include some descriptive image.

** Video tutorial: You can upload the video file directly to Creary or you can insert a YouTube or Vimeo video into the publication but, in this case, its publication must not be prior to the start of this program.

  • Important: Remember to include in the post title the word “tutorial” so that it is easily accessible to the community. Also the hashtag #tutorial
  • The tutorial can be in any language
  • Optional: Share your post on networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or others and, if possible, tag Creary and use the hashtag #creary. This way, it will be easier for us to help you sharing it.




Participation rewards
500 CGY will be delegated to the first 100 participants. 

Reward for the most voted tutorials
The 5 tutorials most voted (more number of votes) by the community will receive an extra 1000 CGY delegated.

Share the tutorial link on your social networks like Twitter, Facebook or others. This option is only applicable to those users who have participated by sharing a tutorial:

+ 25 CREA Energy (CGY) Delegate. For each shared link (maximum 3 social networks)


The winners will be announced on January 21 and the rewards will be sent the same day.


**The Creary team will reserve the right to reject candidacies that do not comply with the bases of this program, as well as the philosophy of the project and the values promoted by the network.
**Only one entry per user is available.
**The list of participants will be available in a document that can be publicly accessible.
**All publications that are not original of the author or infringe copyright of third parties will be out of the program.
**The deadline for participation is January 20, 2020.
**Rewards will only be valid for the first 100 participants (Delegated CGY time = 1 year)